Regulation 2021



Capacity of the Derby: 1.250 stations

  – Receiving Pigeons: during 1th of March – 10th of June 2022

  • The number of pigeons that can be brought by a breeder or tandem is unlimited.

Entry fee: 100 Euro/pigeon  and can participate with minimum 2 pigeons.

5 pigeons team = 500 Euro 


  • The pigeons must be paid at the entry into the Derby.
  • The participants will pay the entry fee directly at the Derby or can deposit the money in the accounts open at:
  • Banca Comercială Română, on the name COLUMBODROM INTERNATIONAL BRASOV ASSOCIATION, as follows:

***Cont IBAN RON: RO97RNCB0058168933100001


***Cont EURO
IBAN: RO43RNCB0058168933100003


  • Have 2022 registration ring.
  • Be accompanied by pedigree and ownership counterfoil for the ring, on the date of entry into the Derby.
  • BE INOCULATED AGAINST PARAMIXOVIROSIS 14 days before delivery and present a good health condition in the moment of entry into the Derby.



  • Pigeons will receive electronic chip and will be booked into the Derby system in max. 5 days from arrival date.
  • Trainings and Races can be followed online at: TIPES One Loft Race LIVE,
  • Organizers will not be responsible in case of thefts, accidents.
  • Organizers are responsible for ensuring the best conditions for feeding, treatment, including inoculation against paramixovirosis and diphtheria-smallpox (smallpox), for trainings and security of the registered pigeons.
  • First inventory will take place on the 10th of June 2022. The owners of the missing pigeons will be contacted by the organizers and can be replaced until the 20th of June.
  • If before the first racing stage (Ludus – 140 Km) some of the breeders will not have any remaining pigeon into the Derby, they will get free registration for the same number of pigeons for the 2023 Edition.


***** AS Pigeon is considered to be the pigeon that ranks all 5 racing stages in the first 30% arrived.


**** If (at any official stage)

in a cash prize position we would have 2 or more pigeons registered in the TIPES System (i.e. the same hour, minute, second…), the prizes of those “positions” (which is actually one), will be collected and divided into equally between the pigeons registered in that position.

**** For the “AS Breeder” Category will be counted the first 2 most constant pigeons that belong to the same breeder, ranking in the first 30% of the 5 racing stages.



  • The Award Ceremony will take place on the 10th of September 2022, the day of Forro    (Hungary- 450 Km.) Final Stage.
  • The final contest in the 10th of September 2022 will last on the launching day and the next day until 22.00 hour.
  • If there will be not enough pigeons ranking for all the prizes, the rest of the prizes will be divided to all the pigeons that have arrived.
  • If no pigeon will arrive / rank during the contest time, all prizes will be divided to all basketed pigeons for the Final.
  • Young pigeons replaced in the 2021 Edition will not count for the prizes calculation.
  • All pigeons arriving at the Final Stage Forro ( Hungary),450 Km. will be auctioned, WILL BE SOLD BY ON-LINE AUCTION and the amount received for each pigeon will be distributed as follows: 40% to the owner, 40% to the Derby and 20% for auction costs.
  • Owners who fail to send pedigree or ownership counterfoil do not benefit from the auction price.
  • Pigeons that have not been sold can be purchased by their owners for 40 Euro  within 7 days from the auction. After 7 days they will be owned by the Derby.
  • Pigeon basketing for all trainings and races will be made in special transport cases for pigeons. Derby organizers will take care of the basketing, transport and launch, SUPERVISED BY ANY PARTICIPANT WILLING TO ATTEND.



1.  Mina 1 Mai (5Km.)  – Friday 16 .07.2021
2. Codlea (12 Km.) – Monday 19.07.2021
3. Vladeni (18 Km.)  – Thursday 22.07.2021

4. Sercaia (30 Km.) – Monday 26.07.2021
5. Fiser (55 Km) – Friday 30.07.2021

6. Sighisoara (85 Km.) – Tuesday 03.08.2021


  1. Ludus ( 140 Km) – Tuesday 10.08.2021
  2. Valcele ( 180 Km) – Tuesday 17.08.2021
  3. Zalau ( 250 Km) – Tuesday 24.08.2021
  4. Semifinala  Horea ( 333 Km)  – Tuesday 31.08.2021
  5. Finala Forro ( Hungary 450 km) – Saturday 11.09.2021


**** Organizers reserve their right to change the date / place for each race / training depending on the weather conditions, Bird Flu or any other extreme cases.

**** The manager has no right to participate in this Derby.

Pigeons can be sent to the Derby as follows:

  • Directly at the Derby place:
  • Strada Spicului nr. 5 ,orasul Rasnov, jud. Brasov, Post code 505400, Romania

Shipment costs are the responsibility of the owner / participant.

For further details please contact the Derby manager:

Răuță Sorin: tel. (004) 0737 219 361